Jeffrey Kaplow teaches courses in William & Mary’s Government Department on topics including international security, nuclear weapons, and prediction and forecasting.


Government 100: Predicting the Future
William & Mary; Spring 2017

Government 329: International Security
William & Mary; Fall 2016, Fall 2015

Government 204: Introduction to International Politics
William & Mary; Spring 2016

Guest Lectures and Invited Talks

The Credibility of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
Reves Global Lecture, 2015
Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, 2013
PPNT Winter Conference, 2013
Stanton Nuclear Security Seminar, 2013
Nuclear Force Structure and International Conflict
Colgate University, 2014

The Drivers of Nuclear Proliferation
MORS Seminar, Analytic Dynamics of Deterrence and Non-Proliferation
Non-Proliferation and Counter-Proliferation Working Group
Washington, DC, 2012

Assessing Nuclear Proliferation Risk
Committee on Improving the Assessment of Proliferation Risk in Nuclear Fuel Cycles
National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC, 2012